Climate Leaders Coaching Program

Overwhelmed? Not getting to your policy priorities?

If a lack of time, tools or confidence has been holding you back from making progress on the issues you ran for office for, then the Climate Leaders Coaching Program might be for you.

What is the Climate Leaders Coaching Program?

In 2019, the Community Energy Association (CEA) and the BC Municipal Climate Leadership Council (BCMCLC) launched the Climate Leaders Playbook to help provide frameworks, information and tools for BC-based local government elected leaders to accelerate climate action in their communities. But every good playbook is better with coaching, so in 2020 CEA and BCMCLC launched a pilot coaching program.

In 2021 and 2022 we will be building on what we learned and offering small group and individual coaching focused on:

      • Identifying your goals
      • Providing tools for effective time management when you’re overloaded
      • Creating a power map and a strategic campaign plan
      • Strategies for building and mobilizing public support for new policy
      • Assessing which communications tools can best support your efforts

Application Process

1.   Is coaching right for you? Screening Survey
Not unlike in sports, for coaching to be effective a number of pre-conditions need to be in place. The first part of the application is a short survey that will help you find out if the coaching offer is a good fit for you. After completing this short survey, you can choose to continue to the main application. If you decide now is not the right time, you can still stay in touch to participate in other BC Climate Leaders programming.

2. Application Survey
The application survey provides your coach with important information about your aspirations and some of the things that stand in the way of your goals. It also helps the coach better understand your personal style of leadership and learning. Specific questions cover goals, values, fears, strengths, resources, aspirations and more specifically what you are looking for from the coaching process. The Pre-Coaching Form also allows you to reflect more deeply on both the issues you’re facing as well as how you feel about your situation and your approach to leadership and learning.

Note: If the demand for coaching exceeds the capacity of the program then a selection process will take place. Coachees will be selected based on a diversity of community size, geography, needs, and goals. We will be in touch by early September with all applicants.

The deadline to apply is Wednesday, July 28th at 5:00 pm Pacific Time.

3. Intake Interview
The intake interview is largely intended to accomplish two things: (1) establish ground rules and manage expectations and (2) to develop a broad workplan for the duration of the coaching relationship as well as a specific workplan for the next 2-4 sessions.

4. Coaching
The workplan is the main driver of the frequency of meetings and the duration of the coaching relationship. However, typically coaches meet with their climate leaders 1-2 times per month, and also provide pre-readings, tools, and follow up work for you to complete between sessions. Some of these meetings may be group sessions for tool sharing and skill development. In general coaching relationships are a minimum of 3 months but may last many years depending on your goals and resources.


For more information about the BC Climate Leaders Coaching Offer, please contact Maya Chorobik at

Find more info on the Playbook by visiting: