In September 2010, ten mayors from large and small communities across BC came together to volunteer to assist other locally elected officials move climate action forward. This includes volunteering to mentor locally elected officials. The mayors and councilors do this because they are passionate about climate action and because they agree that:

  • Climate change is happening now; is largely the result of human activity, particularly the combustion of fossil fuels; and is an urgent issue to address
  • The importance of climate action transcends politics
  • Local government leadership on climate action is critical
  • Local governments can have a significant impact on energy and emissions in their own operations and across our communities
  • Addressing climate change will require transitioning to low-carbon energy systems integrated across our communities
  • Climate action is a relatively new area for many locally elected officials in BC
  • Given the importance and scale of the challenge, it is important for locally elected officials who have some experience in climate action to support other mayors, councilors and regional directors who are interested in moving climate action forward in their community.


BCMCLC is facilitated by the Community Energy Association who provides staff support.



BCMCLC members are supported by CEA to engage their colleagues and communities to act on climate change . Rather than an advocacy group, members are mentored to develop strategies that work within the context of their communities while developing planning and implementation frameworks that can be adopted by other BC communities. All BCMCLC is open to elected officials in the following 3 categories:

Core Members

Core Members have direct input and control over BCMCLC policies, programs and communications. Core members are locally elected officials who are CEA members and recognized as climate leaders by their peers or CEA, UBCM, FCM, others.

Associate Members

Associate members are people the core membership feels are engaged and working towards having a larger impact but need additional support. Associate membership is a stepping stone to becoming a core member. Associate members are elected officials who are engaged on  climate change within their communities.

Community Members

BC MCLC community members are those elected officials who have attended BC MCLC peer learning events or are receiving BC MCLC communications.


Current Members

Current BCMCLC Council Members


Arjun Singh, City of Kamloops, Councillor

BCMCLC Members

Councillor Christine Boyle, City of Vancouver

Councillor Sue Ellen Fast, Bowen Island Municipality

Councillor Patrick Johnstone, City of New Westminster

Councillor Jessica McIlroy, City of North Vancouver

Councillor CaroleAnn Leishman, City of Powell River

Councillor Rik Logtenburg, City of Nelson

The mentorship I have received as part of BCMCLC has empowered me with the knowledge and tools to lead my organization’s adoption of policies and projects that address climate change.



CLIc Richmond

BCMCLC presents the first CLIc workshop: “Transitioning to High Impact Leadership on Climate Action”. The strategic session for locally elected officials attending the 2018 LGLA Leadership Forum at the Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport will be held February 2 from 1:30-4:00 pm. To learn more about CLI in the Community and upcoming workshops, click here.

BC Mayors & Councillors Lead the Way on Local Climate Action

On Tuesday, September 26, 2017, BCMCLC met with the honourable George Hayman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, a number of MLAs and key stakeholders to discuss collaboration on the urgent issue of climate change. Hosting the 8th annual Ministers’ Breakfast at the UBCM convention, Mayor Richard Walton of the District of North Vancouver …


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